This course helps students to take charge of their health and their family's health by learning herbal simpling, in other words, learning uses, practices of herbs and herbal therapies.

Use your Herbs in the Wild Pocket Chart or to help you identify and collect herbs in your area. This class offers so much information beyond the use of herbs.

The Family Herbalist Course helps participants to take charge of their health and their family’s health by learning herbal simpling, in other words, learning uses and practices of herbs and herbal therapies.

Participants will learn all aspects of taking care of the body naturally from juicing and cleansing to skin health using skin brushing and natural essential oils.

At the completion of this course, the participant will receive a Family Herbalist Certificate.



Additional Cost(s)

There are several books required for this course:

  • Health is Your Birthright (Ellen Jensen)
  • Six Weeks to A Healthy Lifestyle (Betty Sue O'Brian)
  • Medicinal Plants: An Introduction to Familiar Widespread Species (James Kavanagh)
Format and Duration
  • This is an online course. You can start at any time.
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Dr. Wanda Seitz, ND teaches this course online at the Southern Institute of Natural Health. When you buy this class, you will see 'Southern Institute of Natural Health' on your statement. You will also be directed to the Institute website to create an account and access your online course materials.

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Family Herbalist - Herbalist Basics $125


Further Information

This is an online course taught by Dr. Wanda Seitz, ND. For additional information call 804-839-0723 or send an email to