Course Outline and Registration

This Advanced Iridology class builds on the knowledge that you have acquired in Iridology I and II

In this advanced course, we synchonise iridology, sclerology, the brain and emotions. This course correlates iridology with other eye modalities such as Rayid, Sclerology and Time Risk, exploring the interconnectivity of the emotions, life style and genetic health.

If you are already a Certified Comprehensive Iridologist, this class will provide you with Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Format and Duration

This is an online course and you can start at any time of year.


You have probably completed Iridology I and II  and become an IIPA Certified Comprehensive Iridologist, but you do not have to be IIPA Certified to take this class.

Additional Costs

Text: Integrative Iridology (Toni Miller). Optional but highly recommended.
Text: Herbs of Grace (Farida Sharan)
Equipment: 10X iris scope. Click here to see what Betty Sue recommends.

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Betty Sue teaches this course online at the Southern Institute of Natural Health. When you buy this class, you will see 'Southern Institute of Natural Health' on your statement. You will also be directed to the Institute website to create an account and access your online course materials.

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Advanced Iridology US$400

Course Outline

In the class, the following and more will be discussed:

1. Using the iris to interpret the relationships of the organs, glands, and emotions including
chakra areas.
2. The brain areas or head zones in more detail
3. Personality based upon iris very popular with your clients
4. Natural treatments from a holistic perspective
5. Cardiovascular, digestive and pancreatic signs specifically…
6. Transversal vessels and reflexives indicating tissue health
7. Signs in the sclera, including colors and markings associated with specific physical
conditions, including recent studies on cancer signs (Research only)
8. Further understanding of nutritional requirements through analysis of the eyes